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The Magic of "Wok Hei"

"Wok hei" is a Cantonese term that translates to "breath of the wok." Dishes pick up a unique flavor, aroma, and essence when stir-fried quickly in a well-seasoned wok over extremely high heat. The magic of "wok hei" is the result of a combination of factors:

  • The intense heat of the flame

  • The vaporization of oils and sauces

  • The charring of ingredients

  • The seasoned surface of the wok itself

Achieving the perfect "wok hei" is an art form that experienced chefs pride themselves on. When done correctly, it elevates a dish, imbuing it with a smoky, slightly charred flavor that's impossible to replicate with other cooking methods.

Our farm-to-fork wok restaurant's philosophy of fresh, healthy ingredients merges seamlessly with the ancient culinary tradition of "wok hei." By harnessing the "breath of the wok," we can elevate the natural flavors of our farm-fresh ingredients to honor both their inherent taste and the time-tested methods of wok cooking. The high-heat, quick-cooking process of achieving wok hei ensures that the nutrients and freshness of our ingredients remain preserved while simultaneously infusing the dish with a smoky, tantalizing aroma. Wok hei creates a culinary experience that's authentic and deeply rooted in tradition and ensures that our patrons enjoy the most nutritious and flavorful version of the produce we've carefully sourced.

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